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creating a label which excludes inactive records

Question asked by cat22fish on Nov 4, 2014
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creating a label which excludes inactive records



I hope someone can help.  I have created a label layout from a contacts database which currently pulls in data from both active and inactive records.  I know that I can separate the active and inactive from a find before I create the labels, however I would like to include an If statement on the label layout as a back up which will omit all inactive records if someone else tries to create the labels and forgets to omit inactive records in the find. 

At the moment I have come up with this:

if (Inactive = "Inactive"; Go to Record [Next]; "")

The trouble is FileMaker calculation doesn't recognise go to record [next] even though this is in the help guide.

Or would it be a case of creating a script which automatically finds the correct records and create a button on the database which can be clicked for those who want to create the labels?

Any advice would be really appreciated - I am a complete novice so I'm probably making it much harder than it needs to be.

Thank you