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Creating a life clock

Question asked by NeoTekCorp on Jun 16, 2014
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Creating a life clock


     Working on interesting project. Trying to calculate and display a persons age in various ways.







     I've been able to pretty easily set up the calculations for the Years thru Days using GET function between BirthDate and CurrentDate. Trying to figure out the best way to fourth break things down for total Hours, Minutes & Seconds.

     Off the top I'm thinking about the obvious addition of a BirthTime TIME field. Figured I could then use that data and add it to the total Days, multiplied accordingly (x24 for hours) then (hours x60 for minutes) then (minutes x60 for seconds) each of which would then have the TIME STAMP for the birth time added and calculated accordingly.

     The end result would allow the user to quickly see an age in a variety of ways, including total hours, minutes, seconds.A

     Any thoughts on the best way to set this up? Thanks in advance for the input and wisdom. Much appreciated.