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Creating a link button in Filemaker to bring to a php webpage?

Question asked by AmberSaundry on Oct 26, 2011


Creating a link button in Filemaker to bring to a php webpage?



I am not quite sure if this falls under Filemaker's domain, but if anyone has advice on this I would appreciate it!

I have a php-based online search face that ties to my Filemaker Pro database.  I am trying to put a link in Filemaker to automatically bring me to the detailed view of a record.

To link directly to the large image online, I found I could shorten the link to  This way, I could create a calculated field in Filemaker to put together “” & Accession Number to automatically populate the field with a link online.

However, I do not want to link to the large image, I’d like to link to the detailed view page  I cannot just change the accession number because the recid refers to the specific record as well – the link is dependent on 2 variables, recid and ass_num.  I cannot figure out how to calculate this 'recid', as it does not tie to the record number in Filemaker, since sometimes the recid is higher than the number of records in my database!

Is anyone able to tell me if there is a link I can use so that I can easily automatically calculate a URL to the detailed view page of each specimen?

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