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Creating a Linked Field That Translates into Saved PDF

Question asked by mrogers on Mar 15, 2010


Creating a Linked Field That Translates into Saved PDF


I'm using FileMaker Pro 10 v.3 in Windows XP Professional SP3, and am a little better than a novice in creating databases.


Something I'd like to be able to do for a current project is link a text field in a report layout to a URL (which, in this case, is contained in another text field in the same database), AND save the found records in the report layout as a PDF that recognizes and retains the text field link.


I know that I can script the text field to open a URL when clicked on in the browse and find modes, but I'm looking to take this functionality a few steps further.


I also know that one solution would be to simply add the text field that contains the URL to the layout, which Adobe would automatically recognize as a link. But I'm trying to keep my report layout clean and just don't have room on it for more fields.


Am I missing something? Or does anyone have any ideas?


Thanks in advance for your help. ~Mary