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Creating a list of data as a record of tasks perfomed

Question asked by ChristopherPayne on Aug 2, 2012
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Creating a list of data as a record of tasks perfomed


Dear Forum

What i want to do seems simple enough, but I have tried several methods with no success.

I have records which are tasks - each is a test on a piece of equipment. The tests are done weekly or monthly etc. I want to have a list or history of the tests done for each task, basically like this:

Date of testTested By




etc, etc.   As each is entered another one can be added. I would need a scrollable list up to 52 lines or more.

It's like putting an excel spreadsheet or word table into the database. 

Can anyone help? I tried using a portal, but it leads into relationships and I prefer to work on a single table rather than multiple tables.

I also tried a self join relationship but that started creating new database records everytime I added a new date for 1 task! 

Any help much appreciated...