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    creating a list report



      creating a list report


      i am trying to create a list/report w grouped data including sub and grand totals. when i get to specify summary field, the fields are there in shadow but will not highlite. whats the problem

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          Are the fields defined as type "Summary"?


          To check open File | Manage | Database | Fields and check to see whether they are number, date, text, calculation or summary to list a few examples.

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            when i set an amount $0.00 Field to a summary field and i chose it on the options for summary field it gives me an error message saying it would cause a circular definition

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              You need two fields, a number field that holds a value in each record and a summary field that computes the total value (or count or average or...) across an entire found set or sorted sub-group of the found set.


              Create a new field of type summary. When you get the summary options dialog specify "Total of" an existing number field and you'll get the desired summary field.


              You also might want to look up Summary fields an summary reports in FMP's help system to get more background info on these topics.

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                   hopefully one last problem. i have a list/report with sub and grand totals. i have the summary field working but one of my categorys as three amounts and they are not adding up and the grand total is not adding properly. it appears to be picking up the last amount only of my categories.
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                  It's hard to tell without being able to see your layout.


                  Is this summary field on a sub-summary part? (If even one pixel of the field is over the line, it may not behave as though it's a sub-total.)


                  Have you sorted your records to group them by the field you specified as the "sort by" field when you created the sub-summary part?

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                    this is how it looks and what it is doing in list view


                                    geid                 descr                date            amount



                                     29                   foundation         9/23/09          6.10

                    foundation                                                                                    6.10



                                     16                  ship                   9/23/09           11.98

                    ship                                                                                            11.98



                                     5                   chemical             9/23/09            57.90

                                     5                    chemcal             9/28/09           20.00

                                     5                    chemical             9/29/09           30.00

                    chemical                                                                                       30.00 (this should be 107.90)


                                                                                                                     (this should be grand total of 125.98)

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                      What is your sort order?


                      What layout part is this?

                      chemical                                                                                       30.00 (this should be 107.90)


                      Is the field that shows 6.10, 11.98 and 30.00 a summary field or is it by any chance a number field?

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                        i am basically trying to do a general expense report with subtotals for each account or category with a grand total at end of report

                        my sort order is on a description of the account name, ( i did change a word or two (chemical) to make things easier to understand) and i have done a sort order on the field

                        chemical in bold would be a sub total of the account chemicals and is a summary field

                        6.10, 11.98, and 30.00 is a summary field

                        i want to be able to sort by an general expense (ge) account or category, have a sub total for each ge account and a grand total for all general expenses


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                          Thanks for the information. I can't tell for sure without physically examining your file, but it looks like the field in bold is the number field being summarized instead of the actual summary field.


                          If you set up your report so that there are multiple items in each general expense category (instead of just one in the first two), do you get sub totals for the first two categories or the value of the last record like you do for the last category? I'm predicting that you'll see the value of the last record which is consistent with the field not being a summary field.


                          If all else fails, you can post a copy of the file on a file sharing site with a link posted in this thread. Then I can download the file to take a look at it. If the data in the file is sensitive, use the Save As...., clone option to create an empty copy of the file and post it.