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    Creating a Log of some sort



      Creating a Log of some sort


      I am relatively new to creating databases. I can perform the basics but am still pretty much an amature. 


      I am wanting to create some type of a log to keep track of customer calls and notes from those calls. From what I can see I think I need to use a portal but I don't know for sure. Do I need to create a completely separate table and then create a relationship between them?


      I would appreciate any pointers anyone has out there. 

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          Hi cstrick and welcome to the forum.


          The best way for you to do this would be to have a separate table and display your history records through a portal.


          Here is a copy of a post I wrote for someone else, I have modified it to match your request:


          First you will need to have a UniqueID field in your CUSTOMERS table, if you don't already have one, and to do this create a number field called UniqueID and then hit the 'Options...' button and under the 'Auto-Enter' tab select the option for 'serial number' and click 'OK'


          Now you want to create your HISTORY table, and in that table create a filed called CustomerID and make that a number, you can also add any other fields you need to track info on i.e. NoteType, Date and Note


          Now you link the two table go into the Relationship tab and create a link between your CUSTOMERS table and your new HISTORY table using the ID fields



          UniqueID --=--   CustomerID


          You can then click on the '=' box to display options for the relationship and you could select to 'Allow creation of records in this table' under the HISTORY side, this will mean in the portal on your layout you can click into the bottom row, which will be blank, and quickly create a new related record.


          And then on your layout create a portal that references HISTORY and display the fields you want the users to input into.


          Then creating a new attendance record can be down via a script, or clicking in the last row and inputting a date.


          If anything is unclear let me know and I will go into more detail. 


          I hope this helps.