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    Creating a Log of User Changes



      Creating a Log of User Changes



      I'm interested in creating a log of when a user changes something within a record in a separate notes field. I've been able to create a script that will do this for one field, but I need some help creating a script that would apply for any changes made in any field.

      The screen shot shows the script I've been working with so far in order to track changes in a single name field. Can anyone show me how to write the script that would track all changes?

      Thank you!


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          Go to object is not needed in this script as far as I can tell. Which specific layout object that has the focus will not effect how Set field works.

          There's some get functions that return the table and field names of the active field:

          Get ( ActiveFieldname )

          Get ( ActiveFieldTablename )

          You can use these fields to update your notes field or to create records in a related table where each record documents one change to the record on your layout.

          But you'll need to remove the Commt Record step at the beginning to make sure that you still have the current field "active".