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    Creating a Log to Track Input



      Creating a Log to Track Input


      I'm stuck...and can't find anything similar to my situation. 

      I created a self-service database where students can scan their IDs to retrieve their computer passwords.  I'd like to track who scans and when (CurrentDateTime, student ID, first and last name from StudentLogins).

      I have set-up two tables: one is the user interface (UI) and the other contains the student data (StudentLogins).  Fairly straight-forward - a student would scan their ID and their password would pop up within the UI.

      Any suggestions?


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          Do you know how to configure your scanner and FileMaker to work together?

          Once that is working, the script that does a find for their password would also be able to create a new record in a different table that records the date, time and IDcard scanned.

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            The scanner just zaps the barcode on the student ID and works like a charm - I didn't program anything re: scanner meshing with FM10. 

            (in UI table) When students scan into the "barcode" field, the global "ID" field strips some extraneous zeros from the end of their barcode.  The ID field is linked to the StudentLogin table which pushes out the password to the "password" field.

            I'll play around with the script to create a new record, then add date, time, ID and name.  In the meantime, any help you can provide to build a script would be greatly appreciated!


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              Be glad to help but am not sure what help you need.

              I've set up systems where scanning a DR License automatically puts the cursor in the correct field to receive the scanned data and then the end of the scan triggers a script to process the rawly scanned data into respective fields, checking for expired licenses and looking up past info on the customer--all automatically from a single swipe of the card.

              Do you need help with the first part: (Respond to scan by putting the scanned data into the correct field) or the second part? using the scan to look up data and log the fact that they scanned their ID card?

              Have you already designed tables for your info or do you need help with that as well?