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Creating a Loop for a portal

Question asked by AmberDavis on Jul 29, 2014
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Creating a Loop for a portal


     I have this portal that has many portal rows with information. In a script (Update HandShop) I created it pulls the information from the portal row and updates the database. The problem is when I press the button with script (Update HandShop) It will only update the last portal row. And the Units Out box will only go to the last item.



     Item: Item A    Qty Out: 1

     Item: Item B    Qty Out: 1

     Item: Item C    Qty Out: 1


     Item C:  Qty Remaining: -3

     (Wanted Result)

     Item: Item A    Qty Remaining: -1

     Item: Item B    Qty Remaining: -1

     Item: Item C    Qty Remaining: -1