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Creating a membership database - A plea for help

Question asked by TomWickersham on Jan 15, 2015
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Creating a membership database - A plea for help


Hello and happy 2015 to you all.  I'm trying to build a database and I've discovered that it's been too long since I've used FM at this level, and, well, I'm afraid I can't seem to figure it out, so I need some help.  I'm hoping someone can walk me through some basics OR someone can provide a database (I'm willing to purchase a product, if there's one) OR if someone is willing to build one for me (again, I'm willing to pay).

I really don't think this is too complicated, but again, I'm so far removed from this work that I can't figure it out. Here's where I am:  I'm using FM Pro 10, and I want to build a membership database. It has three tables: Contacts, Households, and Memberships. Contacts is pretty straightforward -- each person gets a record. Household is record for each mailing address, so there might be two or more contacts for each household. Lastly, if someone buys a membership, then a record is created in Memberships, and it assigns a unique membership code.

Thank you for considering my plight!

- Tom