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creating a new database containing data from other databases

Question asked by YK on Jun 29, 2009
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creating a new database containing data from other databases


Hi. I have a problem working with two databases. I am using file maker pro 7.


My database 1, say, has :


Mother ID    Father ID    # of Kids

     a               b                5


and database 2 has:


Mother ID    Father ID    Kids' ID    disease

     a               b               1           yes

     a               b               2           yes

     a               b               3           no

     a               b               4           yes

     a               b               5           no


Basically, database 1 has one line of data for five lines of data in database 2.

I want to make a new database (database 3) that has some type of form like the following:



Mother ID   Father ID   # Kids       ----(subtable of some kind) -----

      a             b             5                 1             yes

                                                      2             yes

                                                      3             no

                                                      4             yes

                                                      5             no



or, at least be able to use a look function and type in mother ID, father ID (those that are included in both databases) and have all the data from two databases come up in one screen.  Thanks for the help.