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creating a new job and a new invoice at the same time -

Question asked by carolynhaywood on Feb 26, 2010
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creating a new job and a new invoice at the same time -


I have a script that creates a new job based on a client id.  I want it to create a new invoice record at the same time.  Everything works until I get to the new invoice part.  Here's the script:


Set Variable ($clientID; value:client::__kp_clientID

Freeze window

Go to layout (Client_jobinformation" (Client_jobinformation))

Enter Browse Mode

New record request

set field (client_jobinformation::_kf_clientID; $clientID

Commit records

go to layout (Invoices)

enter Browse Mode

New Record Request

set field (invoices::_kf_jobID; Client_jobinformation::__kp_JobID

Commit records

freeze window

Go to Layout (Clients)

Go to object (object name: "client jobs list"

Go to Field (select/perform; Client_ jobinformation::jobName


Everything works until I get to the set field (invoices::_kf_jobID; Client_jobinformation::__kp_JobID.  At this point, nothing happens.   The relationships are client information: __kp_clientID to client_jobinformation _kf_clientID; from client_jobinformation __kp_jobID to invoices _kf_jobID.


ALSO - after it goes to the field selection at the end - it jumps to a different tab!


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Carolyn Haywood