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Creating a New Layout

Question asked by drmacintosh on Sep 11, 2011
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Creating a New Layout


I am using FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced 11.0v4 on a Macintosh.  I am going through O'Reilly's FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual book.  I am in Part Two: Building Your First Database Chapter 3: Creating a Custom Database and Creating a New Layout which is towards the end of the chapter.  I have been at this several hours this afternoon/evening not getting the desired results.  What the issue is that I have created a database with layout named "Lease Agreement" per the lesson.  Now I am creating another layout named "Lease Agreement List" based upon the first layout named "Lease Agreement" without the Container Field named "Lease Agreement Document".  Here is the dilemma.  When using the Format Painter to apply the Header layout from the "Lease Agreement" layout onto the Header of the newly created "Lease Agreement List" layout, formatting does not apply.  If I on the other hand go in reverse order which is use the Format Painter on the Header from "Lease Agreement List" and apply it to the "Lease Agreement" layout Header the change is applied.  I have included two images as well as copy of database, of the respective layouts that can be downloaded from  The Lease Management.fp7 database can also be downloaded there as well.  First is "Lease Agreement" with the Header correctly formatted & Second is "Lease Agreement List" with the Header not looking like it should which is the First image's Header.  I don't know if the steps from the section in O'Reilly's book mentioned is needed for reference.   The objective of the exercise is

Your database will be more polished if your layouts look alike. Whenever possible,

put some of the same elements in exactly the same place on each layout. That way,

people can use those familiar objects to get oriented as they switch from one layout

to another. The logo and layout title are perfect candidates for creating a sense of

orientation among your layouts.

 Any ideas appreciated.