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Creating a new record via relationship with a join table

Question asked by RobertSmith_1 on Nov 24, 2013
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Creating a new record via relationship with a join table


     I'm very new at FM, and struggling with something which I imagine is easy.

     I have two tables, A & B, with many to many relationships.  I'd like to be able to enter data in A, including data that would use information from Table B, or create a new record in B.  For instance, if B is a list of first names, if I entered "George" in the first name field in A, and "George" already exists in B, it would populate the field in A; if George does not exist in B, it would create a new record for "George".

     I've created a join table, J, with its own ID, and fields for IDs from tables A & B.  I've linked aID in A to aID in J, and bID in J to bID in B.  Between A & J, I've selected Allow Creation ... (in J), and between J & B, I've selected Allow Creation ... in B.

     If I enter records in B, I can see them in A, but I can't add records in B from A.  

     When I search for this issue, the solutions are way more complex, involving scripts.  I'm looking for the simple FM setup that allows this.  Is there documentation somewhere that sets forth the proper setup for this requirement?

     Thanks for any help.