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    Creating a new Related Page / Tab



      Creating a new Related Page / Tab


      Can anyone help me, I am trying to set up a New Page / Tab on Filemaker Pro Database for Terms and Conditions which will contain the text of T&C's with a Signature Box on the bottom to sign. I suppose the Page I want will have to contain Related Data to the Invoice for the Signature to Save / Match the Sale.

      I am stuck on how to create the Page / Tab on the Database and how to Relate it to the Invoice. 

      I am adding a screenshot of the Database which I have slightly modified from FM StartingPoint and I'd like to move the Tab Sections List View and Table View over and slot a new Tab / Page into that.

      Any Suggestions would be most appreciated as I have limited experience on the Database.




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          1. Enter layout mode.
          2. Double click the tab control to bring up the Tab control setup dialog
          3. Enter the name of your new tab in the Tab Name box an click create.
          4. Drag on the double headed arrow to drag it up in to the position you want.
          5. Click OK.
          6. Now select your new tab and add the fields, portals or other layout objects you want to place on this tab.
          7. A signature field would be an additional field you'd define in the Invoices table. Once you've defined it, you can place it anywhere you need it in this layout except for inside the line item portal. How will you capture the signature?
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            Good morning Phil,

            Thank you so much for you're reply. I have managed to create a new Layout by Duplicating a Page of the old one and editing that page to the contents I want. I then inserted a Button on the Invoice Page Linking it to the New Page and the New Page seams to hold the related information. 

            I have FM Go on my iPhone and my iPad so I plan to use the Database on Site with the iPad for Creating Orders and Asking the Customer to Sign accepting the Terms and Conditions. I have even set up a Print / Email Button and a Page for Terms and Conditions Copied from the Invoice Print Setup which has the Information on and added the Signature field so the Customer gets a Sign Copy via Email or Post.

            I am stuck on 1 or two things though. I have 2 buttons setup and for Print / Email Both on the Invoice Page and Both on the Terms and Conditions Page. I would like to remove the ones on the T&C page and be able to Click Print on the Invoice Page and it Prints both Pages, same with the Email Button. Can you help me with that?

            Also I have been messing around creating Invoices for testing such, is there a way to reset the Invoice Number Counter?



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              Here is the Picture of the Script, Just wonder if you could give me some idea where I would add the other Script to the other Page

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                You could put the T&C text on the same layout as your invoice. Just create a very large trailing grand summary part and put it there.

                Otherwise, you can add script steps to change layouts and print the T&C ( or a perform script call ) as the next step(s) in each place in the above script where you print your invoice.

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                  Thanks for your reply Phil, I will have a look and try work out what scripts I need to add and where. I have already created the Layout for the Terms and Conditions and as they are long winded I'd rather have them on a second page rather than on the Invoice Page. Just be nice when I can get it sending both pages in 1 email or Print both pages by pressing 1 button. Will give it a go tonight. Regards, Dave
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                    If you are emailing the invoice as a PDF, there's an option for the Save Records as PDF script step that appends the PDF to an existing file. You can use that option (at least in FileMaker Pro) to combine output from two different layouts into a single PDF.

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                      Thanks Phil, to be totally honest I'm not sure what exactly you mean but I'll have a look and try figure it out. This has been a really big learning curve over the last 6 months and I am still learning basic stuff. I love the simplicity of Bento but enjoy the detailed Database that Filemaker brings. I have many plans for the Database, adding Charts for Sales for the last 30 days and for the Tax Year so I am nop way finished and being so lucky to own the iOS devices I really want to be able to enjoy using the DB whilst out. They didn't build Rome in a day :-) Regards, Dave
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                        You can use save as PDF to save a copy of your invoice as a PDF file and attach it the email.

                        With the append option, your script can save the invoice and the T&C text to the same file so that you have only one attachment for your email. FileMaker send mail can only handle one email, so this is likely the only way you can do this given separate layouts for the invoice and the T&C text.