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    creating a new row in a table



      creating a new row in a table


      I am new to FIleMaker so forgive me if my wording is wrong. 

      I am trying to create a database that records information about the date, place, time and nature of events. I would like to be able to enter the information about the first event along one row and then have the second row automatically created, ready to enter the second event. 

      I think I have to do this in a table or a portal but i don't know the correct terminology so i'm having trouble finding out which one it is. I have been searching for a couple of hours and it seems so simple! can someone please give me any advice? 


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          Hi Trinity,

          I'll have a crack at this but be on the look out for better advise from more experienced respondents.

          If you have two tables 


          with field pkID


          with fields pfID and fkIDParent

          You could relate them to each other like this Parent::pkID = Child::fkIDParent.

          Now you can make a layout of Parent table and place a portal of Child records in it. If in the relationship specification(edit) dialogue you select "allow creation of records in this table from within the other...". You can create/edit child records within the portal. Filemaker  seems to prepare the next portal row for immediate data entry so this may suit your needs.

          Another option is to explore script triggers and or buttons and create a script that creates a new record in your table. You can then assign a trigger (or button) to launch the script and create your new record on something like "on object exit" or "on record commit" 

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            Also check out 'table view' for your  layout ('View As' in the dark grey bar second to top of window).

            In this view your next record is prepped ready for input but not created until you actually begin inputting.