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Creating a Physical Inventory Database

Question asked by ZoeCrafton on Apr 19, 2013
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Creating a Physical Inventory Database


     I am somewhat new to Filemaker and have got some basics down but I have reached a point where I am stuck. i am only vaguely familiar with scripts and I think thats where my break down is.

     I have an Invenotry database of product for my store that I have built and I have created two portals to keep track of my invoices and my sales reports. Essentially one is what I receive and one is what goes out. 

     The problem I have is taking physical counts which i do weekly. What I have been doing is copying my filemaker file every week taking the counts and then saving the file with the week as the name. I am trying to figure out how to keep each week in one database. I thought making another portal as a ledger might work, but I cant wrap my head around how to make it add a week for every item in my inventory.

     I have basically reached the extent of my knowledge and cant figure out how to fine tune and simplify my database.