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Creating a Portal showing summarized result

Question asked by Alex86 on Sep 27, 2009
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Creating a Portal showing summarized result


Dear All,


I am using FileMaker Pro 10 for MAC and I am a super newbie to FileMaker. When I am designing my database I have came across the following problem. Could anyone kindly teach me how to achieve the result? 

There are 3 tables:

Program Table, contains:

  ProNo (Program Number)

  ProName (Program Name)

  ProDetail (Detail about this program)


Invoice Table, contains:

  ProNo (related to Program Table)

  DistributionCenter (sales location for this invoice)

  Design1Qty (order qty for design 1)

  Design2Qty (order qty for design 2)


DC-Country Table, contains:

  DistributionCenter (related to Destination Table)

  Country (contain country name which the distribution centers belong to)


And the problem is, I have created a "MainForm" in Form View listing all the fields in Program Table. And I want to created a portal in this MainForm listing how many order qty for design 1 and design 2 for each Country. The format is like follow: 

Country ProNo Total Qty1    Total Qty2


What should I do to achieve this result?? Thanks alot!