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Creating a Portal to It's Own Table...

Question asked by ThomasKitts on Jan 25, 2011
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Creating a Portal to It's Own Table...


I'm quite new to FMP and wish to ask a simple question before I try to to frame it in a more complex way. (I'm still figuring out FMP's basics and may be attempting to do something which cannot be done.)

Question: Is it possible to create a Table Portal, and place it on the Form View of itself?

For example:

I want to create an 'Addressbook' which will allow me to enter and display individual contact information in the Form View. But to the left of that information, I'd like to place an alphabetized portal which contains ALL the names I enter into the parent table (itself) -- with the idea of being able to click on a name and having the Form View jump to that contact information.

Is this even possible? Seems basic to me, but I've been beating my head against this approach for a day now and maybe it can't be done.

And, if doing this somehow will cause the Universe to implode in an infinite loop, well, do let me know . . . (grin)