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    Creating a print layout



      Creating a print layout


      I'm setting up a database to handle a few differnt tasks, that all accumulate in a tax receipt.  Basically, needing to give receipts to students for classes and books purchases as well has how it was paid.  I have set up my receipt below and have 3 portals pulling the data from each source (class info, books, and payments), all related to the student and within a given date range.

      My problem now is creating a print layout.  I thought I could make a Receipt Line Item table where Receipt is now, and put the Receipt table between Student Info and Receipt Line Item.  Problem is that it was combining info from the 3 tables into one line item, instead of making 3 different lines for each separate item.  

      Any help?  


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          Would StudentInfo be the table occurrence not shown, but located above receipt and linking to Receipt by _fkStudentID?

          Right now, you already have two line items tables--one for books purchased and one for classes enrolled.

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            Yes, Student Info is the table above the image shown.  

            The green tables are actually 2nd table occurances for tables elsewhere in the database in order to filter for the date ranges (Need a receipt for classes started in a partiular period, not all classes student has been enrolled in).

            So, are you saying that the line item tables for books purchased and classes enrolled should be combined here into 1 table?

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              What I am saying is that you have tables in place that are already functioning as line item tables. If you add a line item table, you'll need to find a way to move the data into it from the tables you already have. That might be an option to consider if you want to use a combined line item table instead of one for books and one for enrollments--a unified table can make for more flexible receipt formats.

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                Ok.  I see what you're saying now.  They are functioning as line item tables as I need that for the other places these are found.  I guess my block is is how to move the data from the tables I already have into a combined line item table.  It would give me more options, as I don't think what I have for receipts is the best option, just something that works.  

                My best understanding of getting a print layout of a receipt would be to have it as a list view, in the context of a receipt line item table, which would work if I could get my data into 1 line item table instead of 3...  And since I'm needing the data to be filtered by the date range, I'm kinda struggling with the best way to do this... The vision is to enter a date range, twice a year, and have it pull all the appropriate data needed for these tax receipts.  Everything is linked back to the student, but since multiple students can enroll in the classes, and purchase multiple books, and pay in various payment plans, it's becoming a complicated affair!  Hoping I don't need to re-work the architecture to much to get the results i need, so if you have any suggestions I would greatlly appreciate them. 

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                  The list view layout approach is the standard recommended approach for avoding the use of a portal when printing. It requires a single unified table of line items which is not what you have currently.

                  One option is to set up a layout for your receipts that uses two portals--one for each fo the two related tables, but with a large number of rows specified for each of the portals. you then specify that the portals slide up and resize the enclosing part so that they shrink down and don'w use more rows for each portal than is needed for each portal.

                  This method can be the simplest to set up in this situation, but imposes an upper limit on how many books and how many enrollments can be listed on a single receipt. You'll need to take a look at what would the the "worst possible case" for a receipt and determine if you can set up a layout with the portals large enough to handle it to see if it will work for you.

                  Producing a unified line items table can be a challenge but is possible. As I look at the two "...To Invoce.." table occurrences in your screen shot, it occurs to me that you could use one data source table for both occurrences. Fields needed for enrollment would be empty for a record that represents a book purchased and the reverse would be true for book purchase fields in a records used for enrollment.

                  That's a bit unorthodox, but eliminates the need to copy any data from one table to another.

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                    Perfect!  Thanks Phil.  This is exactly what I needed!