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Creating a professional looking layout from a portal

Question asked by AlanMoss on Aug 18, 2011
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Creating a professional looking layout from a portal


I'm teaching myself FileMaker to create a database for the art gallery I work at and I'm having a bit of trouble wraping my head around making a professional looking Quotation/Invoice for items.

I've created a join table to make quotations, so I have an "objects" table and a "quotes" table joined with a "line items" table that's produced out of a portal on the quotes layout. And it works beautifully, for internal purposes. 

Now I need to make a layout that puts all the information from that portal on our header paper. 

My issue is that the fields in the portal aren't big enough to show all the information that it's sourcing from the objects table (e.g. description of the object and it's dimensions, this is sometimes several lines long). And printing a table-like layout for our customers is a bit tacky (in this business). 

I realize I'm probably just missing one basic step, but I just cannot bridge the gap. 

Ultimately I'd like the layout to have the date, Quote/InvoiceID, customer info (from an as yet uncreated clients database) and then it will list in paragraph form (or something similar to that) the description of the item, it's dimensions and price, with a small image of the object next to it. 

Is there an easy way to do this?

Thanks kindly in advance. Apologies for being a noob.