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Creating a reciept from invoices and payments table

Question asked by jared944 on Nov 13, 2013
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Creating a reciept from invoices and payments table



     I am looking to create a receipt from a set of 4 tables. I have a Invoice table fro SERVICES, an Invoice table for PRODUCTS, A PAYMENTS table and an ADJUSTMENTS table.

     I began this file with the FM Starter Solutions Invoicing template, but found it didn't have the details I wanted in an invoicing system.

     I deal with two distinct aspects of my job (as an optometrist), I can invoice for services and products. I can see keeping both of those in one table can be problematic. Also, I need to record payments by the patients and insurance companies. If the insurance company only pays a set amount, I need to make an adjustment to set the invoice to "paid."

     I understand that I need to have one table with all of this information in it in a "List" format to be able to create a receipt, but I am stuck on the process. Enclosed is a screenshot of my my table arrangements.


     Any help would greatly be appreciated,