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    Creating a registration facility



      Creating a registration facility


      Hi, I am part of a committee running an annual agricultural show every year. I'm using FileMaker pro to help us. Now I'm looking for a way to enable volunteer registration and how would I do this. Basically I want to be able to have all the volunteer details already in a database but when they arrive on the day be able to search and actually register them in so I can see who is here and who isn't. Then add more details about that person on the day once I've searched for them and registered them. Please help ASAP?

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          Try the Event Management starter solution (FMP 12 anyway) or perhaps one of the other ones. That's about as ASAP as you can get. 

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            I've tried this it doesn't work. As I have already created a file and database for other parts of the show I can't copy the event management bits I want across. I don't have enough knowledge of all the scripts and layouts to do this. Just want something simple where you can type the name which then links to a pre entered database with everyones name, select that person and tick or box or drop down box to say they are present and then enter some further details and see their pre existing data for that person. Can't be that hard.

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              It's pretty hard when we don't know what tables that you have already set up in your database solution.

              Typical event management is a many to many relationship


              Contacts::__pkContactID = Contact_Event::_fkContactID
              Events::__pkEventID = Contact_Event::_fkEventID

              You can place a portal to Contact_Event on the Contacts layout to list and select  Events records for each given Contacts record. Fields from Events can be included in the Portal to show additional info about each selected Events record and the _fkEventID field can be set up with a value list for selecting Events records by their ID field.

              With this set up, a field in Contact_Event can be used to "check In" people attending or volunteering for a given event.

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                Thanks. I'm getting there. What calculation can I use in a portal to 'filter portal records' from one table where all the data is to display it in the actual portal screen. It basically needs this calculation to work then it should work sort of. I think lol.

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                  You'll need to explain that in more detail. In the above example that I posted, a portal to Contact_Event would not normally need any portal filter, the relationship and the values in your match field will limit the records to either all contacts for a given event (if placed on the event layout) or all events for a given contact (if placed on the contact layout).

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                    Basically I don't understand what you mean in your above example. Can you go through what to do step by step for that example? I'm brand new to Filemaker and still working it all out to be honest.


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                      I made a quick video lesson as an example of how this could be done.

                      This explanation is very simple but can easily be expanded on. 

                      Have a look at the video here.