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Creating a relational database

Question asked by LeoIstuse on Jun 12, 2014
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Creating a relational database


     I'm very new to Filemaker Pro (version 13.0v3), but I had some experience creating databases long ago. When I open 'Manage Database' there's only the first table I opened in the 'Table'-tab. In the 'Fields'-tab all fields are there, but in de 'Relations'-tab all the related tables are depicted, because I used the 'Add a table'-button there. However, I'm not sure it will work this way.  This window is called 'Manage Database' with the name of the first (and only) table.

     How can there be more tables in this database? (BTW: is the term 'file' in the manual referring to 'database', or is it something else?).

     Thanks for your input on this.