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Creating a Relational from a Flat

Question asked by GaryGriggs on Oct 9, 2012
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Creating a Relational from a Flat


     Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere. I'm not even sure how to search on what it is I'm asking.

     I have imported an Excel file as a .csv file into FMPro 11. I did this simply out of exasperation with Excel, and the hope that FM  would help me achieve what I'm after. Excel experts at my company tell me Excel can't easily perform the task I'm asking.

     With some other fancy (facial recognition) software, I have associated specific people with photographs they are in. My Excel spreadsheet showed the photograph (Image Number), and all the people (Booking #) that are in that particular image.

     Now, I have over 17,000 Images, and about 2,500 unique Booking #'s (people). Any given Booking # can be in multiple Images, and any given Image can have 1-14 (in this case) Booking #'s in it.

     My desire is "simply" to arrange the data so that instead of having a list of Images with associated Booking #'s, I need a list of unique Booking #'s, and all the images that are association with each.

     In the attached file (1 record), you'll see how the information imported to FM. You should be able to imagine a new list with the Booking # as the primary field, and all the Image #'s pertaining to that Booking # listing out below.

     I was hoping there might be a way to separate the data into two distinct databases (Images and Booking #'s), but somehow maintain the link they already possess. I think that's wishful thinking.

     Can anybody suggest a solution to my dilemma?

     Thanks in advance!