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Creating a Relationship

Question asked by TKnTexas on Aug 10, 2009
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Creating a Relationship


With the help I received, I have been able to script my import of the check registers.  Works smoothly and cleanly.  I want to add a table of the invoice detail that makes up each check.  The only place I can obtain this information is from the AP Pre-check Register that is printed just prior to printing checks.  It totally matches the detail check register, if we were to select that option to print. However, we only use the summary check register. 


Working off of the premise that there is only one check per vendor per check run, I have created a key field of vendor number PLUS check date.  ZZZZ yyyymmdd, for eleven characters.  I have the calculation set as TEXT.  In the check register file I have it as a TEXT field with a calculation option.  I did this so I could tag it as UNIQUE.  I use a calculation field in the REMIT table.  I would not think this is the problem. 


I have connected the two fields in the relationship tab.  I thought at that point I would see the invoices populate the portal on the check register.  It didn't.  I created a lookup field for the check number in the REMIT table.  That did not work.  I have two windows side by side to view the data in each table.  It looks the same.  If I copy the key from the check register table and do a find in the REMIT table, it pulls the invoices so I know from this the text is the same.


What have I overlooked?  Any thoughts?