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Creating a relationship from a specific cell?

Question asked by GaryHobish on Jul 26, 2012
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Creating a relationship from a specific cell?


Within a FM 10 database, I am trying to create a portal to a tab-delimited text file generated by another program. The formatting of the text file was not designed for this. I beleve to make it work, I need to establish a relationship between a field in the FM database and specific cell of the text file (in Excel parlance, cell B2). Only a certain number of records (rows) from the text file will appear in the portal (starting with record #9 through an indeterminate number depending on each file generated by the external program).

In the attached example, only rows 10-16 should show up in the portal. Other .txt files might have any number of rows starting with CD Track ID#001 and anything from the row named "Region List" down should be ignored. I am relating the record in the FM database to to B2, in this case "Water254.txt."

Is it possible to do this without pre-processing the text file? Am I making any sense?


Thanks for the input.