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    creating a reminder?



      creating a reminder?


      Hello all!

      I am new to these forums but i was hoping someone can help.

      I have a database of clients and i wanted to create something that pops up and reminds me to follow up with a client on a specific date that i enter.

      i am not that familiar with scripts but am a quick study. 

      can someone please help me here?

      thank you


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          There are number of ways to do this.

          Where in your system would you record the reminder date?

          Under what circumstances do you want it to pop up? (Once an hour, first time you open the file each day? or...?)

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            i have three different databases linked.  one for purchase orders, one for product info and one for client info. 

            id like to enter in a date to follow up with a certain client in the client info database, and then when that date comes id like to have a pop up window reminding me to contact them when i open FM in the morning just once.

            thank you for your help

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              Add a status field next to the date field where the script can record the fact that it has reminded you.

              Then a script like this can be selected in File Options to run each time the file is opened:

              Go To Layout [ClientInfo] //I'm assuming both fields are defined in client table
              Enter Find Mode []//clear pause check box
              Set Field [ClientInfo::ReminderDate ; Get ( currentDate ) ]
              Set Field [ClientInfo::ReminderStatus ; "=" ] // = with no other criteria searches for records where this field is empty
              Set Error capture [on]
              Perform Find []
              If [Get ( FoundCount ) > 0 ]
                 Show Custom Dialog ["You have the following reminders"]
                 Replace Field contents [no dialog ; ClientInfo::ReminderStatus ; "Reminded"] // This step updates all records in found set in one step
                 go To layout [//specify a layout you always want to see first if there are no reminders]
              End If

              The layout this script goes to at the start can be a layout based on ClientInfo, but you can design it specifically for listing all pending reminders. You can also modify the expression in the first set field step to pull up these records a specified number of days before today's date if you need more "lead time" on your reminders.

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                ok im still a little new to the "programming" using scripts.  im sorry if this is remedial to you but learning is fun.  i appreiate your help.

                you said, "add a status script next to the date field..."  what does that mean exactly?

                is that just an extra field that will say "reminded"?

                i entered in all the info you mentioned and it isnt really working.

                i have a "follow up on" date field where i enter the date that i want to follow up on.

                after i run the script it pulls up the very first client i have in my database and the pop up window pops up with the reminder of the first client.  i press ok then it adds "reminded" in every record with no date on it.  lol  but the records with dates, it ignores.

                i really wanted it to remind me of only the records that have reminders for the current date.

                any thoughts?


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                  Yes it's just an extra field that will say "reminded" in my example so that it doesn't keep popping up. You could actually put any value you want in this field as the script checks to see if this field is empty when looking for records where there's a reminder needed.

                  Something isn't set up right with your script. It should find all records with today's date in the field and which also have an empty reminder status field. It sounds like your script is finding all records with an empty status field regardless of the date.

                  Your script needs both set field steps as posted above so that it searches for records where the field contains today's date AND has an empty status field.

                  You might want to post a screen capture of your script to your original post in this thread. You can upload a screen shot to it by first clicking the Edit Post link and then scrolling down to find the controls for uploading a screen shot.

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                    ok i just uploaded the photo of the script.  yeah, it seems to be doinng exactly what you said.  searching for records without the "REMINDED" in the box regrdles sof date.


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                      Look at the second Set Field step. It's putting an = in the date field as search criteria instead of into the reminder status field.

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                        works great!  thank you very much