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Creating A Report

Question asked by krzyivan on Oct 30, 2008
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Creating A Report


I have a wonderful db that I converted from an old dos program called file pro, and what I have created in FM9 is great and the people at the Sheriffs department love it, accept for one thing, they want to do a report et the end of the month. What I need to figure out is, how do I make this do the following:


1. Click the tab I have designed, which in turn will pop up and ask them which date range they want.

2. After that I want it to automatically sort acccording to the date range they have chosen, from oldest date range to newest date range they chose.

3. Then show up in a report and under the amount recvd column, I want the total dollar amount to show up as well.

4. There are 4 columns total, Amount Recvd, Recvd Date, Paid For First Name, Paid For Last Name.

5. I can get it to show me on the report, all of the above columns perfectly, with the exception that it shows me all 10000 records (which I dont want). Doesnt give me the total dollar amount (which I do want)  and shows me every date from 1993 to 2008 (which I dont want).

6. And I cant get #1,2, or 3 to work, so I'm kinda stuck.


Any Ideas would be greatly appreacited...Tony