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    Creating a Report



      Creating a Report


      I am quite the Newbie with FM and need help with a report set up.   I have a table for Mammals with a field called species and a value list of all the possible species.  I need to create a report that will list the intake of different species during a calendar year, each species, one per line, the total number received of that species and that number broken down to # Released, # Transferred, # Pending, # Euthanized, # Died and # DoA.

      There is an additional part of the form that needs to know what was held longer than 180 days by the last day of a calendar year:

      Common Name       Date Acquired       Nature of Injury    Proposed Disposition:  Released___________



      Would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.



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          If you use a single field for Proposed Disposition with a value list of the options: Released, Transferred, etc., you can set up a summary report that counts the number of records with each disposition for each species.

          I'm assuming that each of these records are stored in Mammals and that Species has one record for each possible species for use as the source of values for your value list.

          Define a summary field, sCount in Mammals as the count of some field in the same table that is never empty. A field with an auto-entered value such as an ID number or a date received is a good choice for this.

          On a layout based on your Mammals table Add two sub summary parts. The upper sub summary part should be defined as "when sorted by Species" and the lower should be Defined as "when sorted by Disposition".

          Put fields such as species, common name, etc in the upper sub summary part. Put sCount in the lower sub summary part. This leaves the body layout part. If you want to list data on each individual animal, put the needed fields for that there. If you just want data on each group by disposition, remove the body part from your layout.

          When viewing this data, be sure to sort your records by species, then by disposition to get the needed sub totals in your sub summary parts.

          See if you can get this working first, then we can tackle the held 180+ days question.

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            Sorry for the delayed response but I work all day and couldn't try your method until last night.  It works but I must have done something wrong because below each species type grouping, there is a number that I presume is a sub-total of date that must be appearing in serialized version.  What did I do wrong?

            Since I am still having a problem with this, the 180+ question can't be tackled yet.

            Thanks so much for your help.  I really appreciate it.


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              Can you upload two screen shots (make a separate post for each) of your layout, one of the layout in browse mode and one of the layout while in layout mode?

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                 Here are two screenshots as you reqested.  I'm not getting just one line of a species that had the same disposition.  I also need a subtotal (number) that had a particular disposition.

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                  I see two fields named "When sorted by specie" and "When sorted by Dispositio". What are they and why are they on your layout?

                  I did ask for a second screen shot taken in browse mode so that I could see this "number" so I could compare it to the design shown in the screen shot that you have posted to try and figure out where it is coming from. The only obvious number that I can spot in the first screen shot is the page number symbol, ## in the footer that will number each page. I doubt that this is the number you are asking about here.

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                    /files/8218a5a22e/ScreenHunter_02_Jan._16_12.11.jpg 551x708
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                      Your first screen shot has disappeared??

                      Fortunately I remember what fields align with those numbers.

                      I think you have misunderstood my directions. There isn't supposed to be any fields named "When sorted by specie[s]" or "When sorted by Dispositio[n]"

                      "when sorted by" is a specifiction for sub summary parts and you'll find a list of fields where you can specify the sort or "break" field for that sub summary part.

                      Thus, "when sorted by Species" is me telling you that you sould select whatever field in your table identifies the species as the field to select in this box. Then you would sort your found set of records for your report by this same field.

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                         I finally got it!  It's working now.  Yeah!!!  Thank you for your patience...and your help.