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Creating a Report (Filemaker Pro 10: Mac)

Question asked by BMarot on Aug 26, 2009
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Creating a Report (Filemaker Pro 10: Mac)


I have no past experience using Filemaker, however, I have recently been hired to create a simple database contaning a number of fields (30+) pertaining to animals used in a research setting.  This will most likely be set up as a list view (similar to the appearance of a spreadsheet).  Due to the high number of fields, many of them will be off the screen.


I am wondering if there is any way to perform a search where only the fields that were searched will be displayed?  For example, someone may enter a search for: Contrast Agent, Respiratory Rate, Animal Type.  Is there a way to have the search results display just those three fields? 


I know it would be possible to create a new layout/report that just includes those fields, but that is very inefficient.


Thanks for the help!