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Creating a report and sort.

Question asked by Christian on Mar 31, 2014
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Creating a report and sort.


     Hi Everyone!  It's been while since my last post.

     I am in the process of creating a "Scholarships" database, where the layout must reflect the attached layout.

     Basically, this report needs to be able to sort by "Department" name.  So that we're not repeating this information for numerous students within the same college.

     Information that would stay the same for multiple students is, again, Department Name, Contact person, and Contact Phone for each department.  A listing of students receiving scholarships within that dept would the be listed underneath the contact info.

     Then, beneath that, would be a listing of scholarship recipients within another department.

     I've gotten the report set up, and you can see the screen shot here:

     Any help on how I can go about designing this so that I can generate a report, sorted by department, and instead of repeating that "contact info" section, just list it once per department, and list student recipients underneath.

     Thank you!