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Creating a report based on checkbox selections

Question asked by JamesSmith_1 on Sep 17, 2013


Creating a report based on checkbox selections


     Ok, so I'm trying to make an easy way to create SWMS (Safe Working Method Statements) at work. They're basically risk assessments where you write down all the bad shit that could happen on a given job and then what stuff you would do to mitigate that risk.
     At the moment, it's a very tedious task and it shouldn't be as most stuff doesn't really change on a job to job basis. The tasks might be different, but the risks/controls within those tasks don't really change.
     I was thinking that a good way to do it might be through a FileMaker DB as then I'd be able to create them out and about on the iPad and iPhone too but my only real experience with data basses was from Visual Basic back in year nine. I'm really not sure how to start off with the database.
     I've uploaded a spreadsheet here that contains all the information that would need to be replicated and here is a sample of one looks like when completed.
     When I want to output a job specific SWMS, I would go through they report/form and select the specific activities via checkboxes for each activity related to that job. The Risks/Hazards will always be included with the Activity that they are a sub member of and similarly, the Controls will always be included with the Risks/Hazards.
     Maybe I'm over thinking this. Is there a better way to achieve this sort of checkbox form creation? The only thing is that I'd like to be able to edit/modify as time goes on.
     If anyone has any ideas, let me know :)