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Creating a Report from 2 Tables

Question asked by OtisReeves on May 7, 2014
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Creating a Report from 2 Tables


     Hi, I am fairly new to FMP and this is my fist post here. So please be kind :)

     I need to create a report from 3 different tables. I have imported these tables from access and have made Data entry layouts that work wonderfully with the relationships i have established. However when I try and make a report to show Job recap of what I spent on a job i am failing.

     Attached is a screen shot. Top is the table and relationships. Bottom is a rough idea of what i am wanting for a report.

     Table one is JobOrder. This contains information about where the jobs, When, Person of contact, etc.

     Table two is Job Expense. This contains expenses types such as fuel, lodging, misc

     Table three is Employee expenditure this hold the info of who worked on the job what their pay was and their per diem.

     When I find a specific Job I want to print a Job Recap report showing what I spent on labour and Expenses and total it.