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Creating a report from multiple tables

Question asked by MichaelVoccola on Jan 13, 2012
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Creating a report from multiple tables


The layout in question handles information for a number of "requirements" for a job. The requirements are currently stored in different tables (ie: Audio, Video, Lighting). Currently, when printed, the layout uses seperate portals to show this information. I am having issues with portals breaking across page boundaries, and have decided it would be better to approach this layout in a similar manner to an invoice, where each requirement record is sorted appropriately in rows. This would mean the layout is showing records from a table named "requirements", which will store information in a single table vs separate tables.

I am ok with setting this up; however, the issue is that each type of requirement record (Audio, Video, Lighting etc...) has a variety of fields that need to be filled out. For example:

- Lighting:

- Fixture

- Subject

- Rigging

- Video:

- Screen size

- Projection type

- Location

- Audio:

- Input style

- Mono / stereo

- Purpose


What would be the best approach to displaying these records in a view as described above? Ideally, there would be a header above each section displaying the column titles.