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Creating a report through certain fields

Question asked by wreese on Nov 6, 2008
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Creating a report through certain fields


I am a new user to Filemaker. I am trying to create a database for advertisers in our magazine. One of the things I am trying to do is create a report based off of what type of business our advertiser is.

What I am trying to do allow the advertiser to select up to 7 sub categories (dealing with Home Improvement) to select to describe their business. Sub categories like, Carpeting/Rugs or Cabinet Repair or Storage Solutions. Then these sub categories would filter into 13 main categories like Remodeling or Kitchen/Bath. The sub categories could filter into 1 main category or more, because a category like Cabinet Repair could fall under Remodeling AND Kitchen/Bath.

Then I could run a report for Remodeling and it pick up all the sub categories that this fall under.

I hope this makes sense.