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    Creating a Report with Multiple Tables and Data Types



      Creating a Report with Multiple Tables and Data Types


      I'm trying to create a report that I can print/PDF from Filemaker and send to our clients that gives them the statistics for our services that week or month. 


      Ideally, what I'd like is a report that contains multiple tables with different types of data... e.g. a table at the top of the page that lists dates and graffiti locations (we run a street-cleaning operation), and underneath that, a table listing the dates and number of garbage bags collected.


      I know how to do it as separate reports, but is there a way to get more than one table onto one report?


      Thanks for your help,


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          If I read your post correctly, you have two tables (graffiti and garbage bags collected), and you want data from both tables in the same report even though there is no relationship linking the two lists of records that you want.


          This can be done, but you have to get creative. Essentially, you have to come up with an approach that loads all your records from two tables into a unified "report table". Now that the report data is stored in or referenced by a single table, you can get your report printed out. To group your records, you label each record as to whether it is a graffiti or garbage bag record and sort on that label field. You can also use Sub-Summary layout parts to label each field.


          This is only a general outline. The challenge lies in implementing the details.