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Creating a Runtime Solution Questions

Question asked by JCPython on Apr 11, 2012
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Creating a Runtime Solution Questions


Ok so with my filemaker database ready to be transformed into a exe runtime, i have several questions.

I been having a lot of problems using software compilers like inno setup and exeshield, when i used either of these my runtime wouldnt open after...this is why im thinking of distrubuting the runtime without the installer a nice simple way, and i got brian dunnings easy encryption instead of using exeshield...


1.) after the .exe is created can i just give that to my users to use the program, or do i need to include all the folders and additional files filemaker provides with the runtime.


2.) (a)I want to make sure my solution is secure, i dont mean from piracy, but i mean from users opening it up in their filemaker and stealing it, when i make a runtime i usually do the following, create a runtime with exe extention, i leave bindkey alone since i have no clue what to use it for. then i remove admin access from all files (not the main file i use to create the database), and finally i create the error log.


(b) I want to disable the login as guest or admin pop up, but not sure if doing so will be damaging some how to the application? I would like no tool bars what so ever shown, when user opens the runtime i would like to just see it open full screen with nothing else defaulted from filemaker.

Not sure if possible, but i would like to disable the right click context menu for users but at the same time still allow them the power to use the mouse wheel scroll to navigate records?

I would like to lock and/or hide the bottom menu bar (the one with zoom in/out and the view modes.

3.) If i need my runtime to run a script that generates a .txt file and places it someone on the users pc well hidden with data such as exp date of the runtime, or the users nic address to match up with the license key, how would i create the text? and what do you think the best location for such a anti-theft file would be on a windows pc running xp or newer.


4.) after the .exe runtime is created, is there a free not to complicated way that you guys know how to change the icon on the exe from the filemaker folder icon to a custom icon i have.


5.) is there a 3rd party software or a way to determine the compatibility of my runtim of all sorts of windows OS, or is any runtime made with filemaker made to work on all windows and mac OS by default regardless of the scripting?


I realize some of these are stupid questions, i been up all night trying to fix and get things to work in my runtime lol.


6.) I need to create a script that can delete all records in a table here and a table there, but not all tables


7.) I know i had more questions but cant think of them right now, when they come to me later is it better to start a new thread for the questions or continue with this thread?


Thanks so much to everyone on here for all the great help so far!