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creating a schedule or time table

Question asked by markgordie on Oct 30, 2013
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creating a schedule or time table


     Good Morning,

     I am trying to create a time table (or schedule).  What I have is a training course I am putting together with say for example 15 courses or modules that are required to complete in a period of one week.  The day is 8 hours long with a lunch and 2 breaks during that eight hours and the course is Monday to Friday.  I have used Word with a table and manually insert the information but I would like to automate that somehow using Filemaker.

     I have a table with the courses already populated and a [Duration] field with the number of hours inputed for the length of each course.

     So is there a script, calculation, or something that I can do to create a time table based on this information?

     I have searched the internet with no luck.

     Thanks again for your help and time.