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    Creating a script with restrictions



      Creating a script with restrictions


      I need to create a script that allows participants to register for exactly 2 sessions. Participants will enter a 1 to register for a class. There are a total of 8 sessions (8 fields).

      In addition to that, I am keeping a running count for each field since every session has a cap of 25 participants (using a different field). Do I need to create a script for this as well?

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          First things first. I don't think a useful answer can be suggested here until you work out the basic structural issues we are discussing here:  Restrictions in total participants

          For one thing, there will be just 1 field for registering for a session, but more than one record for a given participant to register for sessions.

          BTW, you haven't mentioned "Classes" in your other thread. Please describe these in a post to the other thread as you will likely need yet another table for your classes separate from your Sessions table.