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Creating a Search Form

Question asked by FKonopatski on Aug 3, 2011
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Creating a Search Form


I am still very new to FileMaker and to "programming".  I am making great progress, but I'm stuck on making the DB more streamlined.

I am using the Contact Management template and I would like to create a form to use as a search instead of the preinstalled search function.  Specifically, I would like a user to search using multiple criteria (they can either search by one field or using multiple fields to produce more direct results) to produce results that would appear in a nice and easy table that they could be printed or emailed.  I don't know how dynamic FileMaker is, but it would also be beneficial if you could select what fields to be printed/emailed (so this way SSNs wouldn't be blasted out in the open).

Is there a way to make this happen in Filemaker....or better there a template that has a search form in it that I could modify to fit my DB?

Thank you to anyone that can help out!!!