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Creating a search layout

Question asked by ahcho on Feb 18, 2013
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Creating a search layout



     I've spent the last few hours reading about searches and my mind is now a bit frazzled. My requirements are:

     -creating a layout that searches multiple fields in one table. This table is fairly large and contains ParentID's and ChildID's (i.e. tasks and sub-tasks are in the same table)

     -filtered drop down values (i.e. as the user digs deeper in the data, they are restricted by whatever is left within the found set in each drop down list)

     The database will be running through this setup:

     A. IWP through FMS 12

     B. FMGO through FMS 12

     So the possible scenarios that I've come up with to solve this problem are:

1. Filtered Portal by having the user select from a set of dropdown menus

     This would be simple to create but filtered portals through FMGO don't perform well. Subsequently, I am unable to think of a way that I could easily filter the drop down values as the user searches through the data.

2. Filtered Portal via relationships

     I would prefer this method but how do I take into account the multiple search criteria's? Say I have the following relationships

     Search Overlord-----------<Tasks

     Adding search fields onto the Search Overlord would result in quicker performance through the internet but these relationships only work if ALL the search fields are filled out.  Is there a way around this?

     With this option, as the data is searched, the drop down lists are constrained which I can't do with option 3.

3. Searcheable layout based on table

     This option seems like the easiest to do but how would I constrain the values in the drop down lists?


     So with that wall of text, here are my questions:

     a. Is there a way to filter a portal through multiple relationships that may not be filled out (i.e. is there a wildcard variable that shows all)?

     b. Is there a way to create constrained drop down lists for on layout searches (i.e. Find mode)?