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Creating a sequence

Question asked by WebFlys on May 11, 2010
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Creating a sequence


In a table I have 3 Fields:


Order Number | Item Code | Unique


There are duplicate records I am trying to identify and sequence at the same time to create a simplified relationship. For example, here is what a set of records might contain:


1234  SKU1  XX

1234  SKU2  XX

1234  SKU3  XX

3456  SKU1  XX

3456  SKU2  XX

5678  SKU1  XX

5678  SKU2  XX


I am trying to create a sequence for the X's above - I need the data to look like:


1234  SKU1  1

1234  SKU2  2

1234  SKU3  3

3456  SKU1  1

3456  SKU2  2

5678  SKU1  1

5678  SKU2  2


So basically for each UNIQUE ORDER NUMBER, I need to count in each record which number of X it is. I am just stuck! Any help would be appreciated. FMP 10 Advanced, local.