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Creating a short cut on the desktop for open remote

Question asked by med on Aug 28, 2012
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Creating a short cut on the desktop for open remote


I designed a program to work on a local area network. It is a multi file solution the main starting file we will call start.fmp12


Question 1

On the the host computer I can simply create a short cut referring to start.fmp12 and that will start file maker and opens the file.

But on the terminal computers I have to start file maker and use open remote and open start.fmp12.

The user are not really computer oriented and this seems to not an elegant solution. I would like to make life easy for them. Is there a way I can create a short cut (or any thing) on the desk top that will do this automatically for them.


Question 2

to set this up to be accessed from remote locations (over the internet from another computer or Ipad) can I just use the IP address of the host and look for the file or There has to be a VPN created. and is there a way to automate this for the user?