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Creating a Simulated Clock

Question asked by pademo57 on Jul 29, 2014
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Creating a Simulated Clock


     Hi There,

     We have developed a simulation which runs for one hour using a 24 hour clock.  When the simulation starts it shows a time of 14:00. We are using Filemaker Pro Advanced 13 on a laptop. So when the simulator starts we would like to have a button in Filemaker on the laptop that an instructor could press which would start a timer showing the minutes ticking by.

     The instructor would then add a record in a portal which would show the current simulated time (e.g. 14:09) in one field and in the next field (called Comments) the instructor could write his or her comments on how the student is doing during the simulation.

     I hope I have explained this well enough for someone to understand. I've included a screenshot and hopefully that will make it clearer.

     Is this possible?

     Or is there a better way to note the time passed and add comments in a record which is in a portal?