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Creating a skittle scorecard database

Question asked by c_cooper88 on Jun 14, 2012
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Creating a skittle scorecard database



Using Filemaker Pro 12 I want to create a database to use on an iPad for recording scores in a skittles championship.

The basic procedures I want are as follows:

Create team records with Team Name and 6 players. Doesn't need to be first name/last name.

Create a new game and select which two teams are playing.

Enter scores of each player as they bowl, along with spares if bowled.

Total up each player total and the team totals.

I can create this simply in Numbers but obviously it isn't ideal.

I have tried myself and can get as far as creating the teams but I can't figure out how to create games based on the two selected teams.

I have attached an image of my Numbers file as an example.

Many thanks,