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    Creating a skittle scorecard database



      Creating a skittle scorecard database



      Using Filemaker Pro 12 I want to create a database to use on an iPad for recording scores in a skittles championship.

      The basic procedures I want are as follows:

      Create team records with Team Name and 6 players. Doesn't need to be first name/last name.

      Create a new game and select which two teams are playing.

      Enter scores of each player as they bowl, along with spares if bowled.

      Total up each player total and the team totals.

      I can create this simply in Numbers but obviously it isn't ideal.

      I have tried myself and can get as far as creating the teams but I can't figure out how to create games based on the two selected teams.

      I have attached an image of my Numbers file as an example.

      Many thanks,



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          It looks like you are picturing this as a single table. I suggest you set this up with multiple related tables:

          Players:  Info such as a player's name goes here as well as a team ID to link them to a record in the team table.
          Teams: One record for each team, include a TeamID field so that players can be listed as a member of a given team by entering the team's ID into the TeamID field in players.

          Games: One record for each game. Use two TeamID field to link a given game to the two teams that will participate.

          Scores: One record for each Player's scores for a given game. It will have a GameID and a Player ID to link to the Games and Players table.

          Individual fields in scores can record each "leg" for a given player. A calculation field in this table can then total up the "leg" scores for that player to get the column of totals shown. A  summary field can be set to calculate the total of this total to show the 293 and 278 totals in your examples. Additional summary fields can produce the individual leg totals.

          To set up your two columns of team_player scores, you can set up two portals to scores from a Games layout each using a different relationship based on a different TeamID field in Games.

          Counting spares will take some info I don't have as I've never played Skittles, but it should be possible to set up a calculation that successfully counts the spares by each player and then a summary field can total up the spares for the entire team as shown.

          Conditional formatting can be used to provide either the heavy box outline, a contrastting text style, a different fill or text color or all of the above to indentify legs where a spare occurs, but I can't tell you the expression to use without knowing more about how the games are scored.

          This is just a broad outline, there are many implementation details that I haven't discussed, but maybe this can at least point you in a direction that can work for you. As an alternative approach, you may want to start with a simple table of scores displayed in a single column rather than the two columns shown in order to get this project started for you.

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            Thanks for that! It sounds very accurate to what I want to get.

            Do you know of any tutorials that could assist me in this? I've tried FileMaker's ones but can't seem to find the details I need.



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              If you search a site such as Amazon, there are books you can acquire. I suggest checking out the reader reviews to see which one is most appropriate for the level of knowledge that you have.

              There are also videos on youtube you can search out.

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                Hey chris, I had some time on my hands so I made you a little demo.

                It's by no means finished, but it might get you started.

                I haven't made the "Spares" calculation yet because I don't know the best way to do it yet, maybe you could start a new thread on this.

                I think this is one of those things you can have a lot of fun with.

                I can imagine adding things like printable scorecards, maybe a ranking of top players and top teams, etc.

                Anyway, let me know if you have any questions.




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                  Hi DaSaint.

                  Thanks very much for that! Gives me a great starting point :)

                  I've had a play with it over the weekend and found something that doesn't seem to work, but it might be me!

                  I add a new team in then go to new game, select the new team I've created but the player names don't get imported into the grid. I can't work out why it isn't doing it though.



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                    I just tried it and it works fine with me.

                    I created two new teams. Made a new Game.

                    Selected my two new teams, and clicked "Import Players."

                    Maybe if you changed the filename, the import script isn't working anymore.

                    So go to "Scripts" - "Manage Scripts"

                    And Edit the "Start Game - import Team players" script

                    On the second to last line it says "Import Records" And it shows the filename.

                    On the bottom where it says "Specify Data Source" click the "File" button.

                    Then click File again, a dialogue should appear. Click "Add File" You might want to remove the current filename first, if you renamed the file.

                    Then go and select your fmp12 file.

                    Close the dialogue, save the script and try again.