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Creating a spreadsheet-like summary with dates

Question asked by PJSpark on Jun 23, 2010
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Creating a spreadsheet-like summary with dates


I have one table that has several self-referenced occurrences, which relates to records of the same year and another that relates to record in the same year and the same month. So from those, I can obtain totals and other values from the the main table. From this information, what I would like to do is take the dates from the records and summarize them into months and quarters of a year like so:


January              {summary columns of calculated data from other fields in the table with dates for all Januaries}

February            {all Februaries}

March                 {all Marches}

April                    {all Aprils}

.                                 .

.                                 .

.                                 .

December          {all Decembers}

Totals                  {total of each column}


Hope this makes sense. I haven't figured out how to summarize in this format without relying on the current record. Of course, it would be easy to do in a spreadsheet, and I have no problem exporting out to Numbers.