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Creating a student attendance register

Question asked by NickJ72 on Dec 5, 2010
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Creating a student attendance register


I am running FileMaker Pro 11. I have a database of students who attend one class per week. I need to create a student register which will allow me to show (in some kind of table view) a list of all students, with columns of each week in a particular term. I'd like to be able to, at the very minimum, select an option for 'Present' or 'Absent', but ideally other options such as 'Late'. I'd like to be able to use a graphic to display the information, eg a tick for Present and cross for Absent.

I have no idea how to set up such a feature, or even if it's possible. 

My knowledge is somewhere above basic but I'm not yet clued up on scripting or functions.

Any help would be appreciated!