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    Creating a summary report



      Creating a summary report


      Hi all, I have what is probably a very simple problem that I cannot figure out.  Here's the sceario:  I have farmers ('Farmer') who own several fields ('Field_name') and for each field, I collect multiple soil samples ('Bar_code') in different years ('Year').  What I would like to do is create a summary by: Farmer, Field_name, Year, but only lists the minimum and maximum value for the bar_codes.  My recent efforts have yielded a summary, but it yields a report that lists every single soil sample and the min & max for that farmer & field.  I would really appreciate any help on this!




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          I'm assuming you have one record for every soil sample in the table where you base your sub-summary report.


          It sounds like you can simply remove the Body part of the layout (click the part label in layout mode and then press the delete key.) to get what you want.

          Place the Maximum and Minimum summary fields in the appropriate sub-summary part. A summary report with no "body' will list the sub-totals but will not list the individual records.


          That work for  you?